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Promoting Brazilian culture throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Date: 06/07/2014


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The talisman for Saturday, June 7, 2014: a soccer ball to boot praises to Samba, Pagode, Frevo and all the Brazilian beats.  That’s our welcome party saluting the kick-off of the COPA MUNDIAL DE FUTEBOL, this year being played in Brazil.

For more than four decades, the Bay Area Brazilian Club has delighted in sharing a most joyful part of our heritage, including music, dance, capoeira, alegria.  With the rainbow of communities surrounding San Francisco, the festa on June 7th will make everyone feel a bit Brasileiro.

With the cultural support  of Consulate General of Brazil in San Francisco, we’re getting ready for the biggest sport event in the world -- “The World Soccer Cup.”  Soccer, or Futebol, is a sport embraced by nearly every nation on the planet.  The colors of flags from all countries are displayed with pride and festivity and friendship.

We couldn’t let this special occasion go by without putting together a suitably elaborate celebration.  We invite everyone in the Bay Area to join the Brazilian community on June 7th at the Roccapulco Supper Club for music, dancing, capoeira, colorful dancers, and Brazilian food.  Also displayed on several giant screens will be great moments of past World Soccer Cups.

Several bands are lined up for the event.  Plus performances by Escola de Samba, Fogo na Roupa, Escola de Samba Alegria, Capoeira Abada, Aquarela Dancers, and more.

It’s true the Brazilians can teach the world how to party.  This one you absolutely can’t miss!


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